Oscar Rodriguez Aguila

Oscar Rodriguez Aguila migrated to U.S. in 1989 seeking an opportunity for the American dream. Raised by his Mother and Grandmother, he faced the typical struggles that an immigrant faces while attempting to assimilate to a new society. His family faced many challenges including injustices & discrimination while attempting to improve their quality of life. He grew up in Orange California, attended the local school district and community college. Oscar graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Mr. Aguila is a Property Manager with more than 19 years of Real Estate Experience. He began his career in Property Management as a Maintenance Technician, moving up the ladder in the industry. Oscar is an advocate against inequality, domestic violence and other social issues that dehumanizes a person’s integrity. He is committed in making a difference in  people’s life by collaborating with local agencies whose mission are affordable housing, higher education and fair housing.


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