What is a livable (tenantable) condition?

A rental unit is NOT livable if it substantially lacks any of the following:
– Roof, walls and windows that do not leak
– Working plumbing or gas facilities
– Water supply of hot and cold running water connected to a sewage disposal system
– Heating system that works
– Electrical lighting and wiring in working order
– Building and grounds kept clean, sanitary, and free from garbage, rodents, and vermin
– Adequate number of garbage cans or dumpsters in good repair
– Floors, stairways and railing in good repair

Other standards may be established by state and/or local city codes. Just because one of these conditions exists does not mean a unit is not livable.  The court will look to see if it substantially lacks these conditions. This is not a decision that can be made by the Fair Housing Council of Orange County.

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